A New Vandul Tee Design is in the Works

Posted by Van dul on


          I.ve always loved the classic white Supreme box logo tee in a totally unironic way. Don't judge me.


Judge that last sale price.


Something about the simplicity & history behind this specific box logo tee makes it like a fine art piece. I love the idea of displaying your brand name on the chest & letting people know what you're all about up front. Simple and clean but still interesting. I also love Barbra Kruger

I started playing with tagging ideas for the front-chest. Something traditional on paper, then manipulating a photo of my favorite tag a bit in photoshop since I wanna turn this into halftones, like newspaper print. I really wanna be able to see the line-weight of the pen on the shirt, like someone actually just tagged the cloth with a sharpie.



I think having a little Vandul in the lower corner holding a pen would be cool too, like he just tagged the shirt. Maybe wearing the same shirt that I'm designing rn? Idk might be too meta. In a perfect world this would be embroidered to really sell the tag print, but the service I'm using doesn't offer that yet so w/e. 

Something like this, more modern-era Vandul vibes.


I've been using a standard logo for the back of the other two tee releases, but I wanna do something special for this, more parody-driven. I'm thinking Fruit of the Loom vibes. 


The font is kinda cool but the sketch needs a few more passes tbh.


I think it could be a fun tee release with a few more changes:


Has a fun Grimlins vibe imo, like Vandul's are these lil' hooded creatures running around taggin stuff when people aren't looking. 





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