Annoying Hypebeasts and Where to Find Them

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    Hypebeast culture use to be a fun & harmless trend. Just a bunch of people who appreciate exclusive stuff and the best ways to buy it. Nothing serious.

But over the past decade, the word 'Hypebeast' has gone from being trendy & cool - to being used as a tool to stereotype between classes. Anyone with as much as a Supreme handbag is assumed to have a dope trust fund & a premium Stockx account to match it. The idea of being a Hypebeast got highjacked at some point, but it wasn't always like this.
trust fund vandul, c.2020

Think back to 05'. If you were an average middle-class person and pulled out an exclusive label from your closet, it meant you really loved the brand.

Every pair of Jordans had a story behind them. Anything with a box logo had a memory attached to it. You would wait in line for hours with just a flip phone and actually have to talk to people, just to cop a hoodie only teased in magazines and skate videos. It was a magical moment in time for any kid who was pioneering this world we were all discovering known as 'Hypebeast culture'.


Just look how happy he is.  Just look how happy he is.


But with the growth of the internet, smart phones, and second hand resell apps, Hypebeast culture grew into a separate monster.

Long-gone are the days of rockin a label at the park because you genuinely love a brand. Armies of bots now cop the majority of online drops and resell everything at a premium price before the real fans even get a chance to refresh their browsers. The majority of people who end up with the direct-from-retail merch don't even really want the product anymore. It's all about resale value now. And the thing no one wants to admit - the companies want it this way.


'Sorry, all sold out! Also go fuck yourselves. :p"


It's easy to understand why as well - the drop sells out in record time, we're all handed L's while we rage in the comments which creates even more hype for the next drop, and the brand's share-holders start planning cooperate bonuses before the flippers can load their Stockx dashboards. Everyone wins these days with Hypebeast culture - except the fans.

retail: $168 / resale: your pride

I'm starting to doubt if people even wear these fucking labels anymore.

It's as if anything considered 'limited edition' is perpetually stuck in a void of second-hand resale apps where everything is listed 100x above retail. And even if you do cop a dope box logo at retail these days, most people are just going to assume you're a rich douche who bought it with your parents money. The brands have ultimately become a victim of their own reputation at this point. 




Everything seems to be going to shit for people who like cool things, but it's not all bad. The next wave of designers & trend setters are slowly growing and coming to a head, and I really love what we're seeing so far from the community across social media.

For all I know you're reading this right now and you don't even realize you're the next big thing.


ART UPDATE:  A 'Hypebeast Culture' themed Vandul drop is currently in production. It will feature fully painted 4" figures, new stickers designs, buttons & more, so keep an eye out for design previews on all of my social media accounts.




  • Dead on every point! Flippers run the market and we as buyers instead of protesting and not buying the product, tend to just cave in and pay on avg. 3x the amount it sold for retail. The days of copping items for retail is over… more store releases are turning to online releases due to the mad crowds and fights it brings with it. I’m not one for online drops either since almost all have turn to a lottery system draw, and lets be honest.. not everyone is super lucky! Take me back to the days where hitting F5 to go to SDCC was the biggest day of the year!!

    George on

  • Just discovered your art and really like it but really enjoyed seeing your site and this article. Much respect and hope to add a piece of yours to my collection of figures or wall art.


    Jeff on

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