The First Ever Hype Vandul Drop is Here

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In case you didn't read my last article:

tl;dr Hypebeast's use to be cool but turned into douchebags, so I'm taking back what's ours with this next release.


Two new poses are included in this run. 50 figures will be released in total, Ed. of 25 for each pose. No blanks will ever be available for the hype vandul$ series.


Walking Variant comes with a base -

design subject to changes



Each Hype Vandul is designed to have a focus on designer streetwear items and how they interact with different colorways.


Design current in production.



Buying streetwear just to collect it is lame af - this set of Vanduls represent true OG hypebeasts who actually wore the items they bought. 


Fuk the Culture. 


Unique packaging for all 50 figures is currently in production as well:

smells like Footlocker.


So far, each figure is planned to come with five exclusive stickers, a new button design, and a signed thank you card to pull all of this together.

Very excited for this release - keep an eye on my social media as more develops!







  • how can i get one

    William A. Moody Jr. on

  • When is the next drop

    THomas BRiggs on

  • Hope I can grab one

    Simon on

  • Looks dope af


  • How much? Awesome work yo very fresh

    Clever One on

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